Monday, March 30, 2009

SL final project

Draw Attention to Water conservation:

- Study of Water Bottle Sales in NYU cafeterias:

Tasks by each class member for next week (please complete notes below):
- Proposal (Seken)
- Research water purchase at NYU cafeterias (Aaron)
- Model and texture for water bottles – sculptie paint – first draft (Deniz)
- Missing notes – please fill in: music? (Hannah)
- Missing notes – please fill in: Plans and drawings? (Miguel)


  1. Hello all, I have posted the first draft of the proposal. It includes elements that we have yet to discuss, so it is simply a few ideas that personally came to mind. See below:

    Water is a basic human necessity, and in our fast paced modern society, the ability to carry water with us is just as important. This has resulted in the tremendous growth of plastic bottled water sales, with 15 billion bottles sold nationwide in 2002. However, this growth has given rise to new problems that currently threaten our environment.
    Only about 12 percent of plastic bottles were recycled in 2003, according to industry consultant R.W. Beck, Inc. That works out to approximately 40 million plastic water bottles a day that go either into the trash or are littered in our environment. Plastic bottles can take over 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill. In addition, many bottles are incinerated along with regular trash, resulting in air pollution that creates “greenhouse gases” and contributes to global warming.
    At NYU alone, xx plastic bottles of water are sold per year. With almost no recycling taking place, this amounts to hundreds of thousands of bottles that are added to our landfills, causing serious harm to our environment.
    In order to raise awareness to this growing problem, a virtual tower of water bottles has been built on the virtual NYU campus in Second Life. This structure symbolically and realistically represents the number of plastic water bottles sold on the NYU campus. This edifice grows proportionally with the number of bottles sold, creating a mountain of bottles that reach far into the sky. Our goal is to reduce this mountain of trash to reasonable levels.
    Furthermore, we hope to initiate an NYU recycling program for plastic bottled water. Also, we propose to give away reusable water bottles, and to provide clean drinking water in numerous locations around NYU.
    While it may not seem like much for one individual, together we can make a difference in helping to maintain, a clean, green, and sustainable environment.

    Version one. No transparency.